The AGM will be held at: Mappleborough Green Primary School, Henley Road, Studley, Warwickshire B80 7DR on Saturday 27th April starting at 2pm.

Proposals to be voted on at the 2024 AGM

Purpose of the AGM

  • Members (see Voting Rules below) elect a Committee including a Chair, Treasurer and Secretary to serve until the next AGM;
  • The Treasurer produces accounts of the WMCCL for the latest financial year audited as the Committee shall decide;
  • The Committee presents a report on the WMCCL activities since the previous¬†AGM;
  • Members appoint a suitable person to audit the accounts; and
  • Members discuss and vote on any resolution (whether about policy or to change the rules) and deal with any other business put to the meeting.

Voting Rules

Two WMCCL members per club will be eligible to vote at the AGM. WMCCL Private Members will be considered to be members of the “WMCCL Club” and will be collectively eligible for two votes.

So, if more than two members from your club attend, please decide which two of them are going to vote.


If you would like to change anything about the League and its rules, please submit a written proposal in reply to this email. We can accept proposals at the meeting, but it is better if we see them in advance so that they can be clarified if necessary.

League Rules and Constitution