WMCCL Bursary

The WMCCL supports a selection of its younger members with some financial support every year. Our aim is to provide promising riders, who have regularly ridden the League, with funding to help them develop as cyclocross riders either nationally or internationally.

We are delighted to launch the Bursary for 2023, and we invite applications for support by 19th November 2023.

We are very grateful this year to again receive a contribution to our Bursary fund from Kalas: https://www.kalas.co.uk/customized-production. The roots of Kalas are in cyclocross. The company is based in Tabor and its founder, Čestmír Kalaš, has a passion for cyclocross.


The total amount available each year is divided between successful applicants according to the Criteria below and as deemed appropriate by the WMCCL Committee.


To qualify, riders must:

– be in the Youth A (Under-16), Junior or Under-23 category for the current season;
– have started at least eight WMCCL races in the previous and current season;
– have a clear plan of races at national or international level that they intend to ride, and
– be willing to provide written feedback to the League on their experience during the supported development.


Written requests for support (submissions) should be made to the WMCCL Committee.

Submissions should set out:

– a summary of the rider’s results in the WMCCL in recent seasons;
– the list of races (or other development activity) at national or international level intended to be ridden;
– the funding required to do those races or activities – e.g. entry fees, travel costs – with estimated costs, and
– the rider’s aims and objectives for those races or events – e.g. finishes or placings.

The WMCCL Committee will consider submissions and make a decision on awards. It reserves the right not to allocate all (or any) of the funding available, and to divide the money as it sees fit. The Committee’s decision is final and there is no right of appeal.