West Midlands Regional Championship

In view of the disruption to the racing calendar this year, the West Midlands Cyclo-Cross League invites riders who live outside the West Midlands British Cycling region to ride in the Shimano Lazer WMCCL Round 11, which incorporates the West Midlands Regional Championships. Riders who live outside the region will not be eligible for the West Midlands Regional Championships, but they will qualify for British Cycling ranking points (if they are placed sufficiently highly). And, if they are registered with the WMCCL, then they will be able to claim average points for the League – as is the norm for West Midlands-based riders.

WMCCL-registered riders, who live outside the West Midlands region, should ride their own regional championship – if it is taking place on the same day 28th November 2021. They may claim average points in the WMCCL if they do so. However, average WMCCL points cannot be claimed for regional championships that coincide with other WMCCL events.

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