Race Day Numbers

All West Midlands Cyclo Cross League events are entry on the day with the exception of the Regional Championships which will be online entry only. If you are registered for the League, at the first event you attend, you will be given your race number which you keep for the season and return at the end of the season. Non registered riders return their number. At each race, after you have paid your race entry fee you will be given a timing chip. It is very important that your race number and your timing chip are the same number or you may not get a result, please check carefully especially if a parent is collecting timing chips for a whole family. The timing chip must be returned after your race in return for Haribo or whatever incentive the organiser happens to be using.

To help prevent queues on Sunday at Shrewsbury, please check this alphabetical list of registered riders and know your number in advance of number pick up.

Rider Numbers