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It's great to win some prize money and the West Midlands Cyclo Cross League pay out between £1000 and £1500 at every round when the event finances allow worked out on the 1 prize for every 5 riders guidelines from British Cycling.

The pay out amounts will vary because some venues are quite expensive to hire and some are free. Some venues accept club first aiders and some insist on St John Ambulance for example. Whatever the amount, our organisers are cycling clubs trying to give riders best value for money each and every Sunday.

So as to standardise prizes at WMCCL events the league committee have agreed that organisers should award prizes based on a 1:5 ratio for these rider age groups: u14 boys, U14 girls, U16 boys, U16 girls, Juniors, Junior women, Seniors, Vets 40-49, Vets 50-59, Vets 60 and older, Women and Vets Women 40-49, Women Vets 50 and older.

Further age groups could also be included by an organiser if rider numbers are sufficient; such as Senior U23, Vet 45, Vet Women 50, Vets 70.

Only one prize per rider should be awarded which ever is the highest value.

Prize money is distributed electronically (rather than having thousands of pounds in envelopes being carried from round to round). If you have won a prize (or in some cases a rider registered with your email address has won a prize). You will receive an email from Matthew Harris (WMCCL Committee member) asking for your bank details please reply to this email with the following information:

Rider name (as it is not always obvious from your email address)

Rider number

Bank sort code

Bank account number

When this information is received a payment will be made to you.

Bank details will only need to be submitted once.

If you don't like the idea of emailing bank details, then please ring Matthew Harris on 0781 494 0187 to give them verbally, or you can leave a message or email them to wmcclprizes@gmail.com

Spreadsheet prize calculator
This excel spreadsheet can be used to help calculate prize values for each race category. If organisers want help with this spreadsheet please email andyjones1616@yahoo.co.uk

Spreadsheet prize calculator

Spreadsheet accounts calculator
This example excel spreadsheet can be used to help calculate the accounts for a race day + the number of prizes to award. If organisers want help with this spreadsheet please email andyjones1616@yahoo.co.uk

Spreadsheet accounts calculator

Season 2016-17

Round 1 Biccello

Round 2 Redditch

Round 3 Stratford

Round 4 Solihull

Round 5 Shelsley

Round 6 Misterton

Round 7 Halesowen

Round 8 Birm/Mid

Round 9 Newport

Round 10 Wolverhampton

Round 11 Rugby

Round 12 Coalville

Round 12a Leicester

Round 13 Birm-Uni

Round 14 Biccello