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League registrations for the 2017-18 season have now closed for Male Juniors, Seniors and Vets40+.
All Youth and Female have plenty of space.

Vet 50+ will have to close soon.

As previously the Committee will monitor the number of members in each category to ensure we have safe rider numbers on race days and members will get priority race entry on all race days.

Please note that age categories are based on the British Cycling category you will be for the 2018 season. Youth riders especially please note the year of birth for all Youth categories is 2002 or later.

If you are not racing this year you can still get weekly race weekend updates and shape how the League is run with our new Non Racing Membership which also gives you a vote at the AGM.

A major innovation for this coming season is the introduction of a Women only race and please encourage as many of your female club or team mates to join up and show support for this new initiative.

The direct link to the BC Ridley - Lazer WMCCL membership form is: Leage Registration

We look forward to seeing many of you this September.

Dave Mellor - Chair WMCCL

Registration will close towards the 20th August 2017 or as soon as the safe circuit limit of 160 + 20% contingency per combined category race is reached. We will ensure that individual categories are split fairly across genders and ages. We will keep you up to date with registration progress via the Facebook and Twitter Social Media channels and the Ridley -Lazer WMCCL League website. Details of Facebook, Twitter and Website are all available at the above link.

Cyclo Cross in the West Midlands is booming not in some small part to the great clubs and organisers that volunteer to run races for us. The challenge is that courses and infrastructure that was OK a few years ago is now being stretched. We have been getting fields in excess of 180 riders and some courses cannot handle that amount of riders safely, possibly compromise racing and have enough parking for us all.  Race Organisers, WMCCL Committee and Commissaires will decide on number limits before and on the day if conditions dictate.

Non league registered riders are still welcome to sign on the day and race, numbers permitting but will not be eligible for league points.

Sign On Guidelines.

BWA WMCC League registered riders get priority entry until 30 minutes before each individual race start when sign on will close.

Sign on crews will sign on and issue to BWA WMCCL registered riders (numbers and) timing chips until the circuit limit is reached or until 30 minutes before race start.

Non registered riders will sign on but not be issued with a number or timing chip if they are in the V50, Women’s, Senior or V40 categories.

At the 30 minute to go cut off, if the circuit limit has not been reached, the sign on crew will issue numbers and chips, in sign on order, to any non-registered riders up to the circuit limit.

If a non-registered rider is unsuccessful in getting a ride, they will then get a refund of the entry fee.