9th September WMCCL Round 1 Redditch R & P CC


Abbey Sports and Fitness Stadium, Birmingham Road, Redditch, Worcester.
B97 6EJ
MAP John Potts
16th September WMCCL Round 2 Solihull CC Heart of England Conference and Events Centre, Coventry.
MAP Keith Jones
23rd September WMCCL Round 3 Stratford CC Johnsons Coaches, Liveridge Hill, Henley-in-Arden.
B95 5Qs
MAP John Johnson
30th September WMCCL Round 4 Mid Shropshire Wheelers Shrewsbury Sports Village, Sundorne Road, Shrewsbury, Shropshire.
MAP Dave Mellor
30th September Three Peaks Horton-in-Ribblesdale
6th & 7th October National Trophy Round 1 MAP
14th October WMCCL Round 5 Halesowen A & CC Baggeridge Country Park, Gospel End, Dudley, West Midlands.
MAP John Crumpton
21st October WMCCL Round 6 Leamington C&AC Newbold Comyn (TBC), Newbold Comyn, Newbold Terrace East, Royal Leamington Spa.
CV32 4EW
MAP Jason McNulty
28th October WMCCL Round TBC
4th November WMCCL Round (7) Birmingham Midland C&AC Blackwell Court, Agmore Road, Bromsgrove.
B60 1PX
 MAP Peter Varian
11th November WMCCL Round (8) Newport Shropshire CC Newport Rugby Club, Forton Road, Newport, Shropshire.
TF10 8BU
 MAP Daniel Braddock
18th November WMCCL Round TBC   MAP
25th November WMCCL Round TBC
2nd December BC Regional Championsips (9) TBC MAP
9th December WMCCL Round (10)  Worcester St Johns CC Lake Side Campus, Worcester Road , Holt, Worcester.
 MAP Richard Graham
16th December WMCCL Round TBC MAP  
23rd December WMCCL Round (11)  Leamington C&AC Newbold Comyn (TBC), Newbold Comyn, Newbold Terrace East, Royal Leamington Spa.
CV32 4EW
MAP Jason McNulty
26th December Coventry RC Boxing Day Cross(Non League event)

(Online entry only)

Coventry RC Kenilworth Common, Common Lane, Kenilworth, CV8 2AL MAP
5 & 6th January National Trophy Final  Mid Shropshire Wheelers Shrewsbury Sports Village  Map  Dave Mellor
07802 878349
12th-13th January National Championships CycloPark
February World Championships

Cyclo Cross in the West Midlands is booming due to great clubs and organisers that volunteer to run races for us. The challenge is that courses and infrastructure that was OK a few years ago is now being stretched.  We appreciate that this is a family sport and the attraction of the League for some is that the whole family can participate on the same day at the same venue. We have been getting races in excess of 180 riders and some courses cannot handle that amount of riders safely and so we limit the number of riders who can register for the League.  Race Organisers, WMCCL Committee and Commissaires will decide on race number limits of each race venue before and on the day if conditions dictate. Registered League riders will get priority on race days up to the circuit limit on a first come first served basis.

Non league registered riders are still welcome to sign on the day, subject to available space but will not be eligible for league points.

Sign On Guidelines

WMCC League registered riders get priority entry until 30 minutes before each individual race start when sign on will close.

Sign on crews will sign on and issue to WMCCL registered riders (numbers and) timing chips until the circuit limit is reached or until 30 minutes before race start.

Non registered riders will sign on but not be issued with a number or timing chip if they are in the V50, Women’s, Senior or V40 categories.

At the 30 minute to go cut off, if the circuit limit has not been reached, the sign on crew will issue numbers and chips, in sign on order, to any non-registered riders up to the circuit limit.

If a non-registered rider is unsuccessful in getting a ride, they will then get a refund of the entry fee.

Timetable and Entry Fees

Start Time Category Distance Entry Fee
10:00 Under 6 & Under 8 10 minutes £4
10:20 Under 10 10 minutes £4
10:45 Under 12 15 minutes £4
11:10 – 11:30 Course Practice
11:30 Youth u14 & u16 30 minutes £8
12:15 Vet 50+ Men 40 minutes £15
13:05 – 13:35 Course Practice
13:35 Junior Women 40 minutes £11
13:35 Women 40 minutes £15
14:30 Junior Men 50 minutes £11
14:30 Senior Men 50 minutes £15
14:30 Vet 40+ Men 50 minutes £15


Additional Fees

  • Non registered riders above Youth categories pay an additional £3 on the above fees.
  • Riders without a British Cycling Membership must buy a British Cycling Day Membership for insurance purposes.

Age Categories for the 2018 – 2019 Cyclo Cross Season

Under 6 born in 2013 or later
Under 8 born in 2012 or 2011
Under 10 born in 2010 or 2009
Under 12 born in 2008 or 2007
Under 14 born in 2006 or 2005
Under 16 born in 2004 or 2003
Junior born in 2002 or 2001
Under 23 born 1997 to 2000
Senior born 2000 or earlier
Veteran born 1978 or earlier
Veteran 40+ born 1978 to 1974 Veteran
Veteran 45+ born 1973 to 1969 Senior Veteran
Veteran 50+ born 1968 to 1964 Grand Veteran
Veteran 55+ born 1963 to 1959 Master Veteran
Veteran 60+ born 1958 to 1954 Grand Master Veteran
Veteran 65+ born 1953 to 1949 Super Veteran
Veteran 70+ born 1948 – 1944 Super Plus Veteran
Veteran 75+ born 1943 or earlier

Races for Women are open to Junior, Under 23, Senior and Veteran Women


  1. League events will be agreed before the season begins and only points obtained at these events will count towards the League. A new event may be added to the calendar during the season and may count towards League points only if sanctioned by the Committee.
  2. Riders must register for the League before the start of each season to gain League points.
  3. At each race ridden a rider pays the race day entry fee at sign on. (or online if an organiser decides to offer that).
  4. At the first round that a rider competes at they will be given a number that should be kept for the season.
  5. At each race a rider will be given a timing chip in return for a BC licence or £10 cash deposit. The chip must be returned after the race.
  6. When registering for the League, riders will be allocated a category according to British Cycling category rules. Riders cannot, under any circumstances, ride out of category.
  7. Any League registered rider who helps on the day at an event in any way, i.e. gives up their ride for the benefit of others, will be awarded points in that round equating to an average of their total points for that season.
  8. League points will be awarded in the following categories: U8, U10, U12, U14 Girls, U14 Boys, U16 Girls, U16 Boys, Junior Men, Women, Senior, Vets 40+ and Vets 50+.
  9. U10 and U12 fun races will be part of each organised event and each rider will receive a non-monetary prize.
  10. All races will be gridded by League category in rows, with number of riders per row decided by the Commissaires on the day. Gridding position will be allocated by League average points. Non-League riders who consider they should be placed high on the grid should contact the Commissaires a minimum of 1 hour before race start and may be asked to provide supporting evidence for grid position (Other League table, National ranking or recent results).
  11. Commissaires on the day may choose not to grid the whole field but to grid only the first few rows, with the remaining riders being called to form at the back of the gridded riders.
  12. Riders who fail to take up their gridding position when called will be placed at the back.
  13. Points will be awarded to the first 100 finishers in each category based on 1st 100, 2nd 99, 3rd 98, 4th 97, 5th 96, 6th 95, 7th 94, 8th 93, 9th 92, 10th 91,  descending by 1 point intervals to 100th place.
  14. Veteran results will be categorised as two separate results when sent to BC for ranking points, i.e. 40+ and 50+.
  15. 80% of the seasons rounds will count for a rider’s final league placing (including average points awarded for helping at events and riding the regional Championships). For clarity, if there are 10 rounds in the season then 8 results will count and then, 8 results if 11 rounds. 9 results if 12 rounds. 10 results if 13 rounds. 11 results if 14 rounds. 12 results if 15 rounds.
  16. There will be a team competition encompassing the under 12, under 10, under 8 and under 6 riders.  The six highest scoring riders from within these age categories will count towards their team’s total.
  17. There will be a separate team competition for the other categories (under 14, under 16, junior, senior & veteran).  The six highest scoring riders from within these age categories will count towards their team’s total.
  18. In the event of a tie at the end of the season, the final league and team positions will be based first on the highest finishing place in the final event of the season and then the average points accrued during the season.
  19. Any objections or queries arising from any League event must be raised with the Commissaires on the day. Any result queries must be raised with the chip timing provider, Blacksheep sports timing before the end of the Tuesday following the event. Any League table queries should be raised with the League Table Contact at
  20. Any issues or queries arising during the season that are not covered by these rules will be referred to the committee for a final decision.
  21. The use in competition of cameras attached to riders, cycles or helmets is prohibited, unless previously authorised in writing by the BC Board. This includes such items as helmet mountings.

Code of conduct for spectators and families

We all have a responsibility to promote high standards of behaviour and ensure the Ridley Lazer WMCCL is an enjoyable, safe and positive environment.


Events in the League are voluntarily organised to develop riders’ technical, physical, tactical and social skills. Winning isn’t everything!

Please play your part and observe our Code of Conduct at all times by agreeing to:

  • Encourage and applaud effort as well as success
  • Respect the organisers’ commissaires’ and committee’s decisions
  • Stay off the course during each race
  • Avoid criticism of a rider for any mistakes or errors
  • Never engage in, or tolerate, offensive, insulting or abusive behaviour or language


Where event organisers, their helpers, commissaires or committee members observe anyone not following the above, they reserve the right to take any or all of the following actions:

  • Issue a verbal warning
  • Require a meeting with the individual and/or their Club Welfare Officer
  • Require a meeting with a Committee member
  • Request the individual leaves the event
  • Request the individual does not attend future events
  • Suspend the rider(s) associated with the individual from the League
  • Remove the rider(s) associated with the individual from the League
  • Suspend the rider(s) associated with the individual and all their other team/club members from the League
  • Remove the rider(s) associated with the individual and all their other team/club members from the League
  • Impose a fine

One Bike ‘Cross

Islabikes and the West Midlands Cyclo Cross League (WMCCL) are excited to announce the introduction of One Bike ‘Cross. A subcategory within the league for those riding just one bike during races.


  • Ride one bike for the duration of the race
  • No washing of the bike during the race
  • No technical assistance for the duration of the race